Cremation Keepsake Designs Ideal For Different Rooms In Your Home

After a loved one passes, it's common to want to set up some type of memorial or place to honor their life. If the loved one was cremated, this can be done with a memorial keepsake that houses the remains. When planning what type of keepsake to purchase, you should consider the specific room in the home that you want to display the keepsake in. There are all different types of keepsakes that can hold the cremated remains of a loved one, and some are specifically made for various room designs. Browse through the following rooms in a typical home and see the different types of keepsakes that can be placed on display to honor your loved one.

Living Room

The living room is often one of the most used rooms in the home and features a number of spots to showcase a memorial for a loved one. An entertainment center or mantle is great place to display a keepsake. Along with a traditional urn, you can purchase decorative keepsakes that hold the remains. One of the more classic designs is a mantle clock. The clock features a compartment in the back that can hold the remains. The front features an elegant wooden design and an actual working clock that displays the time. Custom engraving can feature the person's name or a personal quote that relates to their life.

Along with a mantle clock, you can purchase a cremation keepsake box with an engraved design that represents hobbies or interests of your loved one. For example, if your loved one enjoyed fishing, then the engraving can feature a fish or a scenic engraving of a lake. Custom designs allow you to cater the keepsake box directly to your loved one interests.


In the bedroom, there are two ideal keepsake options that can be kept on a dresser or side table. One of these options is a memorial jewelry box. One side of the jewelry box contains a closed compartment with the cremated remains while the other side contains compartments for holding rings, necklaces, and earrings. You can use this jewelry box on a daily basis to access your pieces or to store beloved pieces of jewelry from your loved one.

Another option for the bedroom is a keepsake musical box. Musical boxes are available with a variety of songs and tunes on them. The remains are kept inside and a short musical song can be played to help you fall asleep or grieve for the loved one in your life.


The kitchen often includes areas or windows where living plants can be placed. By using the cremated remains of your loved one, you can display a living plant keepsake in your kitchen. A number of companies have the ability to mix cremated remains with different plants that can grow and thrive in your own home. Transforming the ashes into something living is a great way to honor your loved one and really showcase the circle of life. You can choose from a variety of plants, including small trees and flowers.

Along with a plant, you can choose a great kitchen window keepsake decoration like a wind chime. Memorial wind chimes feature a small urn at the top where cremated remains can be placed. Each time the wind blows through an open window, you can hear soothing sounds that remind you of your loved one. Multiple designs are available and feature different sounds, shapes, and styles. Themes like nature, animals, and America are often applied to the wind chime designs. You can also select different chime materials like metal chimes, wooden chimes, or bamboo chimes. Each one creates a different sound for your home.

When using cremation services, you can request one or more of these keepsakes for the remains to be split evenly among. This allows you to set up more than one memorial in your home if you wish.

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